Travel and Everyday Essential Gifts He Will Love

western rise

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Postcard 8: Into the Desert

Garganta del Diablo, Chile

The second part of the road trip took us up to the Atacama Desert. I want to talk about the powerful landscapes and the deafening absence of life. But when I reflect on my time in San Pedro, I think of the tour companies.

Postcard #7: Of Pisco and Stars

Pisco Elqui in the Elqui Valley

After two weeks in Valparaiso, it was time for a road trip up north. First stop, the Elqui Valley. About 6 hours north of Santiago is the Elqui Valley and a town called Vicuña. When doing a bit of research about Chile, most of the information is typically about Patagonia. But after a bit of … Read more

Postcard #5: On to Chile

Santiago, Chile

Steph and I made it to Chile this week – the first stop is Santiago. We had heard a lot of great things about Santiago and Chile in general, so needless to say, we were pretty optimistic about our time there. But we also come to Chile at a fascinating time in their history.

The Beginner’s Guide to Summer Camping

summer camping

So you want to go on a summer camping trip. There are typically three main reasons: either you’ve grown up doing this, you just started dating someone who decided this was your life, or you feel peer pressured by Instagram telling you that everyone is waking up to beautiful vistas.

How to Order a Martini like a Professional

how to order a martini

The martini is a formidable cocktail. It holds a gravitas backed by decades of history and pop culture. A drink seemingly reserved for black tie affairs or Don Draper. A drink where the clarity implies the elegant strength; no accouterment standing between you and the alcohol. But perhaps the most intimidating part of the martini … Read more

Craft Beer Predictions for 2022

beer trends 2022

The desires of the beverage-consuming population seem to wax and wane with each year. The Aperol Spritz, then the espresso martini; every year has a signature drink. As the beer world is subject to the same consumer whims, these are my predictions for beer trends in 2022. The rise of the lager IPAs and ales … Read more