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Edgy, cool, hipster. All stereotypical yet appropriate adjectives to describe Berlin. The city boasts plenty of great food and drink options. Better yet, a good meal can had a pretty affordable price tag. The city is quite expansive and can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t have a targeted approach to what you want to see/do. Aimless wandering works well in each neighborhoods, but getting between each pocket requires public transportation. 

City Map

Things To Know

  • Berlin has its own beer specialty, the Berliner Weiße
  • Döner Kebab might as well be a national and city treasure.
  • The East Side Gallery is the largest stretch of the Berlin wall still standing. It’s also been converted to an open air art gallery.
  • Berlin has a great selection of vegetarian food.
  • The city is one of the most affordable big cities left in Europe.
berlin mite tower

Berlin City Guide

Whether it’s boozing your way through the city or eating all Berlin has to offer, our Berlin City Guide has you covered. Start planning your …
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