Berlin City Guide

Edgy, cool, hipster. All stereotypical yet appropriate adjectives to describe Berlin. The city boasts plenty of great food and drink options. Better yet, a good meal can had a pretty affordable price tag. The city is quite expansive and can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t have a targeted approach to what you want to see/do. Aimless wandering works well in each neighborhoods, but getting between each pocket requires public transportation. 

City Map

Things To Know

  • Berlin has its own beer specialty, the Berliner Weiße
  • Döner Kebab might as well be a national and city treasure.
  • The East Side Gallery is the largest stretch of the Berlin wall still standing. It’s also been converted to an open air art gallery.
  • Berlin has a great selection of vegetarian food.
  • The city is one of the most affordable big cities left in Europe.