Alternative, Edgy, and Cool: Sights in Berlin Worth Seeing

Between sipping coffee and drinking great beer, you might feel the need to add a little culture to your trip. Luckily there are some unusual, off-the-beaten-path sights in Berlin that are worth a look.


Abandoned theme park anyone? Unusual, creepy, and definitely one of the sights in Berlin that you should schedule into your itinerary.

Tempelhofer Field

An abandoned airport in Berlin. Another borderline eerie experience, but it also serves as a cool park and green space for picnics and exploring on a nice day.

East Side Gallery

Part of the Berlin wall that is now used as a street art gallery. Walk up and down the wall to see interesting murals created by some of the best in Berlin.


Old school brewery/distillery/beer garden. One of the oldest in the city so it is definitely worth a look. Plus they brew seasonal beer, so what’s not to like.

Our/Berlin Vodka

A distillery that solely brews vodka. The vodka is actually pretty great, which means a lot coming from a person who isn’t a fan. The distillery is small but still interesting to see their setup.

Berlin Cathedral Church

It’s beautiful, just go.

Großer Tiergarten

Berlin’s largest and oldest park. Grab a coffee/drink and go strolling through on a nice day.

Agora Collective

This place is a collection of interdisciplinary spaces for artists/creators to collaborate. There are various projects going on at any given time. Check out their calendar here.

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