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Between sipping Aquavit or touring design museums, there is plenty of coffee in the Danish city. Copenhagen coffee shops are full of candles, coffee, and all things hygge. If that wasn’t enough to make you seek them out, the dreary skies definitely will.

The Coffee Collective

Easily the best Copenhagen coffee has to offer. They have a few different locations throughout the city, so the convenience is high as well. Their espresso drinks are great but where they really shine is the filter coffee/Aeropress. Not cheap, but worth it for sure, definitely the best coffee in Copenhagen.


Located underground, this hidden coffee spot has a fantastic ambiance. The espresso drinks are great and filter coffee is amazing as well. Before or after a long day of museums or touring, definitely check it out.


Great spot for hanging out in Vesterbro. Good filter coffee for relatively cheap. Do yourself a favor, go upstairs and chill in their hammock. Just do it.


Another good spot in Vesterbro. They use Coffee Collective beans, so the coffee is solid. No filter coffee here, just espresso.

Risteriet Coffee House

Two locations downtown. Solid filter coffee. Great atmosphere.

Zaggi’s Coffee

Another in downtown, right across the bridge from Nørrebro. Just espresso drinks here. Not much seating so best to pick up a cappuccino and head to your sightseeing.

Navnløs Kaffebar

Great spot to hang out in Nørrebro. Sometimes they have nitro cold brew too, which is pretty rare in the city.

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