Coffee in Berlin: Tattoos, Hipsters and Single Origin Beans

I’m not going to lie, the similarities between Berlin and Portland are especially evident. I felt at home. Though some might feel the hipsters are too much to handle, I look at the bright side….all the great coffee in Berlin. For some post-lunch fuel, check out these spots.

Passenger Coffee

Local roaster in Alt-Treptow that roasts right there in the store. Only espresso drinks, but they serve some of the best coffee in Berlin.

Five Elephant

Great little coffee shop in Kreuzberg. Great homemade cheesecake as well. The downside with this place is no wifi available, so if you plan to get some work done you will be out of luck.

Populus Coffee

Right along one of the canals, this shop has a great ambiance that’s very suitable for sitting for a few hours.  They also have some fantastic drip/filter coffee available, which seems to be a bit of a rarity.

Isla Berlin

Perhaps the best coffee I had during my stay. They do filter and Aeropress as well, so your coffee options are bountiful here.  No wifi on weekends though.


This place really excels when it comes to filter coffee. One of the cooler options is a coffee flight, where you can sample three different roasts.

Refinery High End Coffee

Pretty close to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, so if you need a quick burst of energy to/from your voyage then its a good option. They also have some breakfast and lunch options.

Two Planets

Back over in Neukölln is this great little cafe. Their coffee is great and their “dope ass toasts” are well….dope.


Modern interior with plenty of space to sit for a while. The service is great and the food is an excellent option as well.

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