Where to Drink the Best Coffee in Portland

As far as I’m concerned, Portland is where the coffee renaissance in the United States started. The words single-origin, fair-trade, were likely first uttered by some bearded hipster in this city. There’s so much to eat and drink here, you’ll need all the coffee you can get. My list will guide you to the best coffee in Portland.


Coava serves up my all time favorite coffee in Portland. The coffee is so good, I buy it as gifts for family/friends when I visit. Every time I bring someone from out of town who appreciates coffee, this is where I take them.


Arguably where it all began for the Portland coffee scene, myself included. You might have seen the Stumptown cold brews in grocery stores across the U.S., it’s what made them famous. And no, Stumptown is not from Brooklyn, despite popular belief (though they do have a roaster and two locations in NYC).


This is another great shop that has a few locations across the city. They aren’t a roaster, but they source their coffee from other Pacific Northwest roasters. Can’t go wrong.


I love any name having to do with trails, hiking or the great outdoors. Seriously though, these guys are one of my favorites without a doubt.

Good Coffee

Rarely does a name as simple as Good Coffee actually bode well. But not the case for this shop. It’s also a nice working space as well.

Heart Coffee

With a few locations and a roasting facility across the city, Heart is another fantastic place to get some coffee.

Sterling Coffee Roasters

Fantastic coffee and a great hangout/work space. I’ve caught myself spending a few hours in there before.

Spella Caffe

A little different than some of the others on this list, Spella has more of an Italian vibe than the PNW coffee sort. They roast their beans in house in small batches.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

This one is kind of a bonus. Don’t go here for a quick cup of coffee. Also, don’t get here strictly for the coffee. Rimsky’s is an experience. Go late at night, when you’re pretty hammered and need to start sobering up.

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