Where to find the best coffee in Paris

We all know about the museums, the wine, the cheese. Sure, all of that is great. But how the hell are you gonna have the stamina to keep stuffing your face with brie? Well, luckily for you, the coffee scene in Paris is ripe. I’ve rounded up some of the best coffee in Paris to keep you going from food to drink and back again.

Soul Kitchen

A little cafe in Montmartre, nestled under the shadow of the Sacre-Coer. If you need a quick pit stop to get some coffee or to sit down and have a bite, this is a great spot for sure. Extremely cozy, food and coffee is fantastic.

Café Oberkampf

A tiny neighborhood café that has everything you’re probably looking for. Great coffee, quiet place to read/focus but not so quiet so you can have a casual conversation with friends. The coffee here is from a rotating bunch of French roasters.


Lomi kind of screams hipster, but you’ll love it. One of the best roasters in the city, the coffee here is incredible. The café has all the necessary aesthetics; reclaimed wood tables and chairs, exposed stone walls, greenery…yeah, you know.

La Fontaine de Belleville

The French roaster Belleville Brûlerie took over this corner bistro and gave it some new life. Fantastic coffee (served at all hours, good for a late night coffee fix) and a full service menu including food, beer, and wine. By afternoon, this place can be bustling.


Part art studio, part café, fringe is a great spot to check out. Rotating artists and photographers adorn the walls with their latest works.

Boot Café

I like this café because it’s a former cobbler workshop turned coffee shop. Oh and the coffee is pretty dope too. It’s actually one of the few places you’ll find a true pour over in Paris, so if you’re tired of espresso check out Boot Café.


If you ask around for coffee recommendations, Fragments is often going to be top of mind. A great spot for coffee and food as well. I’ve never had one, but rumor has it they have a type of kanelbullar, (Swedish Cinnamon Bun), that are worth the hype.

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