Drink in Berlin: 7 Bars Worth a Visit

Berlin is known for its clubbing scene, thanks to the likes of Berghain. But if you’re anything like me then small, dimly light spaces with people so drunk they don’t even know their name, is a personal hell. Luckily, when you’re looking for a good spot to drink in Berlin, there are plenty of other options. Be sure to wash down all the fantastic food with some great drinks.

Nathanja & Heinrich

Low key and not pretentious in the slightest. This place has a somewhat “living room” feel to it, which makes it immediately inviting. Good beer selection and the cocktails are well made.


Rooftop bar on the top of a shopping mall. It’s a little tough to find, basically, take the stairs to the top of the mall and then use the parking garage and head to the top. There is a cover to get in, but the views of the city are well worth it. My favorite place to drink in Berlin.


Unmarked entrance gives this a speakeasy feel. Maybe one of the O.G. bougie cocktail bars in Berlin. Still a great cocktail menu, though.


A list about watering holes in Berlin would not be complete without a beer garden.

Rum Trader

Ask what kind of spirit/flavor profile you want and let the bartenders work their magic.


Another low-key bar in Neukölln. Good beer selection and relaxed atmosphere.  


Craft beer spot hiding in a large food court. They usually have a pretty good tap selection ranging from NE IPAs, Pilsners, and anything in between. Grab some food from a nearby stall and check ’em out.

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