Saude! The Best Places to Drink in Lisbon

There’s something poetic about Lisbon. The sunsets, the weather, the people, all of which are best enjoyed with a drink in hand. Plus, you’ll need something to wash down all of that bacalhau. Saude, to the best places to drink in Lisbon!

Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Yes this is a park (cover photo), but let me explain. It’s a beautiful view looking over the entire city and bay where you can grab a beer or some wine and watch the sunset on a warm summer evening. Despite all the great cocktail and wine bars, this might have been my favorite drink in Lisbon.

Carinho do Vinho

When in Portugal, you must drink the wines. No better place to do it than here, at Carinho do Vinho. Great selection, cozy atmosphere, and pestiscos to top it off.

Pensão Amor

Fancy cocktails, plush suede armchairs, and an eclectic atmosphere.

Pub Lisboeta

I came here after a long day of walking around the city. It’s a quiet neighborhood bar in Barrio Alto. Nothing too pretentious, good grub and environment.

Cerveteca Lisboa

Brewpub in Lisbon, a ton of craft beer from Portugal. You know the drill, get a flight and enjoy.

BA Wine Bar Bairro Alto

Huge wine selection, great pestiscos. Kind of similar to Carinho do Vinho, so take your pick.

8a Colina Brewery

Between the wine and cocktails, try out some Portuguese craft beer. Family-owned and operated since 2015, they have a variety of craft beer from Double IPAs to Porters. So if you’re feeling a little homesick, give these guys a shot.


Eclectic, kitschy, Art Nouveau decorated bar with a wild selection of cocktails. And it has a garden!

A Ginjinha

Ginjinha or ginja, is a sour cherry liquor that’s a favorite of the Portuguese. This spot is a little ginja window where you can walk up, take a shot, and leave. It’s open at 9 am so it’s also a good way to start the day.

O Bom O Mau e O Vilão

If you’re trying to get lit for a night, this is a decent spot. Roughly translates to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” bar, it’s a lively atmosphere with three distinct floors each with its own vibes.

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