Drink in Prague: A Beer City, But Trendy Cocktails

The Czech Republic is a beer country, through and through. And while that’s no different in Prague, being a city there are also plenty of dope cocktail bars to choose from. After dinner, check out some of these places to drink in Prague.

Cash Only Bar

Some of the best cocktails in Prague. Can get crowded given it is in the city center so make sure you get there early. Bar food available as well.

Anonymous Shrink’s Office

One does not simply order drinks at this bar. Positioning itself as a “cocktail therapy bar” (is that redundant?), you must take a Rorschach test to determine which cocktail you’re in the mood for. The last time I was in Prague, my friends and I stumbled upon this place after hearing some light music coming from an otherwise deserted storefront. Pretty cool vibes and definitely one of the better places to drink in Prague.

Hemingway Bar

Classy cocktail bar in the city center. So classy that it borders on pretentious. Regardless though, this bar has a great atmosphere and should be included in your itinerary.

BeerGeek Bar

Outstanding beer selection, with a majority of the options from the Czech Republic. Mostly craft beer here, so if you’re looking for something more traditional (i.e. pilsner), look elsewhere.

Bar v Krymsky

Small bar, unpretentious bar with a local feel. Not many beer options though, mainly just cocktails but they are fantastic. Great date spot as well.

Cafe in the Woods

 Cozy bar with a laid-back atmosphere and a wide selection of beer and spirits alike. Sometimes they even have live music!

Gin & Tonic Club

If you like gin, you’ll need to make a pitstop here. The menu solely consists of gin & tonic variations, some even include bacon or liquid nitrogen….might be a little gimmicky but still worth a look.

Blah Blah Bar

A casual bar just outside of Vinohrady. Bartenders are friendly and cocktails are good. Might be a little overpriced but still a great place to relax.

Bonus: Czech Inn

Purely because the draft beer options during happy hour come out to less than 1 euro. Usually only light and dark beer available during happy hour. The downside is that you’ll be with a bunch of hostel folk.

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