Drink in Paris: From Wine to Cocktails and Back Again

From walking the beautiful streets to eating some of the best food in the world, you’ll definitely want to imbibe on something good. Luckily, if you want to drink in Paris, you’ll be just fine.

Le Barav

 Probably my favorite place to drink in Paris. This intimate, unpretentious wine bar has everything you want from Paris. It’s right on the corner of quaint streets in the 3rd Arrondissement, if I were to imagine the perfect wine bar, Le Barav has it. It’s actually a bottle shop as well, so pick out your wine by the bottle and enjoy the ambiance. 

Paname Brewing Company

 Well, I wanted to throw a curveball at you. This brewery is perched on canal St. Martin, one of the trendiest spots in Paris. I know you probably weren’t thinking of beer in this city, but if you’re lucky enough to have a nice day, grab a few brews, a planche, and enjoy the view.

Little Red Door

 Now we enter the cocktail territory, Little Red Door is a speakeasy-style bar that is worth a shot. This place is kind of tough to spot, so don’t give up and if you don’t think it looks right, you’re probably right on track. No hints here 😉 

Le Syndicat

 On the other end of the spectrum, Le Syndicat is almost impossible to miss. This bar is about as trendy as they come, but the cocktails are inventive and worth it. 

Le Baron Rouge

 Probably the most low-key wine bar you’ll ever find.  If I lived in Paris, this is one of those places where I would come after work to enjoy a glass of wine with friends. 


 Actually a Mexican restaurant, Candelaria may seem random. You won’t be blown away by the food, but they do have one of the most extensive and inventive cocktail programs I’ve seen in Paris, which gives it a spot on my list.   


 Bougie cocktails and “elevated pub grub”, enjoy. 

Frenchie – Bar á Vin

 So I came to Frenchie – Bar á Vin because it seemed a little less of a commitment than the popular Frenchie restaurant. A good wine selection and atmosphere, though likely to be infinitely more crowded than Le Barav.

De Saison

 De Saison is similar to Le Baron Rouge, and honestly, I would be in heaven at either of these places. Come, drink wine, eat, leave.

Le Porte-Pot

Le Porte-Pot just feels like it came right out of the 60s. The ambiance is as cozy as it comes, a perfect place to enjoy good company. The food here is also incredible, so if you’re thirsty and peckish, this should be high on the list.

Experimental Cocktail Club

I could be mistaken, but I think this was one of the early entrants to the new-age cocktail scene in Paris. Great cocktails and an old-timey, speakeasy vibe.

Lulu White Drinking Club

Fancy a night out at the Moulin Rouge? Well, for pre-theater cocktails look no further than Lulu White Drinking Club.

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