Where to Eat in Lisbon on Your Next Trip

Lisbon has the type of beauty that captivates you. The sun setting over the terracotta roofs. The detailed tile work on the sidewalk. And, of course, the azulejo tile across the city. Though I could wax poetic about the scenery, the real reason you’re here is to find out where you should eat in Lisbon. And once you’re done, wash it all down with some wine or cocktails.

A Cevicheria

When in Lisbon, seafood is king. Though this place serves up Peruvian dishes, it showcases the seafood in Lisbon perfectly. Alright, so I met a group of people here who insisted on buying me pisco sour after pisco sour, which, were incredible and definitely keeps my review unbiased. From the ambiance to the food, one of my favorite places to eat in Lisbon.

Tapisco Lisboa

Contemporary and cool. As the name implies, it’s a blend of tapas and pestiscos. Good drinks and food, either with a group to share a bunch of small plates or by yourself.

Taberna Portuguesa

Very traditional Portuguese food in a cozy environment. Try the balcalhau (cod fish). Probably my second favorite place to eat in Lisbon.

Toma Lá Dá Cá

More traditional food that feels like some Portuguese grandma just made you a home-cooked meal. A little cheaper than Tabena Portuguesa, if that matters.


Pretty much every day of my trip, I would come here and get an espresso and a pastel de nata…or three.

O Faia

I guess I can’t speak too much about the food, but the fado experience is great. If you’re going to try and see fado, which I’d highly recommend, I’d go here.

Le Petit Café

Don’t expect much from this little place…but that’s not a bad thing at all. Entirely unpretentious and in the heart of winding streets of Alfama. The food is mostly sardines and other pestiscos, so don’t expect a full meal.

Ginja de Alfama

If you haven’t had ginja before, it’s a sour cherry liquor and a Portuguese favorite. I mention another place, A Ginjinha, in my post about drinking in Lisbon. Ginja de Alfama is a little different because they also serve pestiscos as well.

Casa da Tia Helena

When wandering the quaint streets of Alfama, you’ll find places like Casa da Tia Helena all over the place. Cute restaurants that seat maybe two people. This one looked especially enticing, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The food was fantastic, especially the octopus.

O Botanista

So now to the little less traditional. An entirely vegan restaurant, O Botanista serves up inventive and creative vegan takes on the food you’ve had previously. Occasionally a line and they don’t take reservations, but it’s entirely worth it. The desserts are pretty dope as well.

Time Out Market Lisbon

I feel a little conflicted about this place. It was a food market that got bought out and re-branded by Time Out in the last few years. Still, a pretty cool experience to walk around and look at all the vendors, but maybe less of the “authentic” food market experience you would be expecting.

Ao 26

Fantastic test kitchen shop that serves only vegan food. The food is incredible, even non-vegans would find it hard to not enjoy their meal. Would definitely recommend booking a table because it will fill up and be hard to find a seat.


So, the first thing to mention is that this place is expensive. That said, if you’re in the mood for sushi, this might be the best spot for it in Lisbon. It’s much more of an, uh, elevated experience, than most of the other places on this list.

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