Where to Eat in London on Your Next Trip

Similar to NYC, London is a city where you can find anything you want. Any type of food at any price point, your options are endless. That also means that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and spiral into decision paralysis. I’ve been to the city a few times, so I’ve compiled some of my favorite places to eat in London. Don’t forget to wash down dinner with some of the cities finest drinks.


I never expected a pasta spot to be my favorite place to eat in London. However, Padella is a must on your next trip. This small, unassuming pasta place is not only incredible, but cheap too. I’d recommend showing up about 30 min – 1 hr before store opens, because you’ll have to wait in line. I promise it’s worth it.


Think trendy tasting menu with British-inspired dishes. A bit pricey, but definitely worth a trip.


So, maybe I like pasta? A much different vibes than Padella, Gloria is a trendy restaurant where you’ll be sure to see a crowd on the weekends (and maybe a celebrity spotting or two).

Duck & Waffle

If you’re REALLY feeling yourself. Duck & Waffle sits on top of one of the tallest buildings in London so you’ll get panoramic views of the city. They don’t have a dress code per se, but make sure you look somewhat put together.

Smoking Goat Shoreditch

Cool, laid-back spot in Shoreditch that features creative takes on Thai street food. It’s great for late-night bites at the end of the night or just having a chill evening with good company.

Camden Market & Borough Market

I love markets. Camden market definitely gets most of the attention but Borough Market is also a great spot, albeit a bit smaller. But also less crowded, so trade-offs.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

You’re hungover and you want brunch. Go to Ozone Coffee Roasters.

The Princess of Shoreditch

This unpretentious pub takes you by surprise. It’s very unsuspecting, but the food is incredible and pretty affordable too. They do small plates and inventive takes on traditional British dishes and flavors.

Frabrique Bakery

If you’re not feeling a full-on brunch, but are desperately in need of coffee and a small bit, check out Fabrique. The coffee is good, but the pastries are why you go.

The Barge House

Cute little brunch spot on the canal in Hoxton. Basically, they just serve brunch in a bread bowl (featured pic).

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