Top Spots for Food on Your Next Trip to Dublin

Between all your boozing and sightseeing, don’t sleep on some of the fantastic food in Dublin.

1. Forest & Marcy

This was probably some of the best food I’ve had in Dublin to date. It’s a little wine bar & kitchen in the southern part of the city which prides itself on its use of local ingredients. This can be a little pricey, so prepare yourself. They also have a sister location, Forest Avenue, which is more of a traditional restaurant.

2. Fish Shop

If you’re looking for some great seafood in Dublin, look no further than the Fish Shop. They have two locations, one on Benburb St. that is more of a wine bar, and one on Queen St. which is more of an upscale restaurant. Try the fish and chips, just do it.

3. L. Mulligan Grocer

Hearty plates are the name of the game at this neighborhood bar. You might have seen this on our list for best places for a drink in Dublin, but it’s worthy of both spots. The menu is full of staples and elevated pub grub, making it one of the best options for food in Dublin.

4. Fade Street Social

One of the first farm-to-table options in Dublin, Fade Street Social is still a great spot. They have two sections, a tapas bar, and a restaurant. I’d go with the restaurant option, where you can find an extensive menu of stews and traditional Irish food. I highly recommend the venison stew.

5. Wuff

Very cozy neighborhood restaurant in Dublin. Great for brunch and has plenty of options for meat-eaters and those who are more plant-forward.

6. Brother Hubbard

Coffee shop and breakfast spot, Brother Hubbard is a great option that isn’t too pricey without having to sacrifice quality. They have two locations in Dublin, one on the north side of the river and one south of the river.

7. The Pieman Cafe

Walk-in, eat pie, leave. What more do you need to know?

8. Assassination Custard

Probably the most original and unique spot on this list, Assassination Custard is a gem. Opened in 2015, this weekday-only lunch spot is open Monday – Friday 12-3 pm and seats 8 people. Yeah, you read that correctly. You can read more about the origination of the restaurant here. If you happen to be in Dublin on a weekday, do yourself a favor and go here.

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