The Best Sights in Prague: What to See When Visiting the Czech Capital

Just walking the streets of Prague, you can tell that the city has a rich history. So between stuffing your face and downing a few pints, maybe try and see some of the cool sights Prague has to offer? Or not, but either way here ya go.

Villa Richter

Absolutely beautiful views of the city. After an unfortunate hostel experience that involved a couple in a bunk next to me having sex, I ended up here at sunrise. Would go again, despite the circumstances.

Prague Castle

Touristy, but just do it. Don’t bother paying for a ticket, you can see most of the castle without.

Old Town Square

You’ll hit this sight just by walking through the city. Cool promenade area with street performers, cafes, and a beautiful cathedral.

Prague Metronome

Fun fact, this used to be a giant statue of Stalin before it was blown up and replaced with a….metronome? Yeah, I’m not sure who decided that was going to be a thing, but I guess it’s better than Stalin?

The Prospect – Letna

Another cool vista to get your pic of Prague’s skyline for the ‘gram.

St. Charles Bridge

Ohhhhhhh pretty bridge…You’ve seen this bridge in every picture that has made you want to visit Prague.

Sex Machines Museum

Ok so this one might be random, but I promise it’s worth it. For when you need to get your fill of nipple clamps and steam-powered dildos…enjoy?

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