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A Poem and Tribute to the Dive Bar

Skylar Renslow
Skylar Renslow
1 min read
a dive bar
Oh the humblest of watering holes

How you do stand the test of time!

You always seem to hold a range of souls

And cold beer hardly more than a dime

The clinking, the clanking of glass

The friends, both old and new

Where many nights do pass

And if we’re lucky, we’ll only remember a few

Amidst a sea of pretentious libations

You stay steady through changing tides

Saving bartenders from superfluous creations

Keeping a place where tradition abides

The ice, the taps, the eclectic decor

Oh glorious dive bar

I hope you do stand forever more
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Skylar Renslow

I mostly walk around, take pictures, and write things.


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