Hey there, my name is Skylar. An irreverent traveler and beverage enthusiast, I started The Daily Grog to bring a different type of storytelling to the world of travel. Here you’ll find tips, inspiration, and stories about how your favorite vices have influenced the world around us. Cheers!

So…What is “Grog”?

A few hundred years ago, grog started out as a type of alcoholic drink used by sailors to ration their rum supplies while also preventing their water supplies from growing mold or spoiling. Check out my post about grog to learn more.

Cool, So Why is Your Site Named After it?

Some friends and I took a tour at the Jameson distillery on a trip to Dublin. Our tour guide told us a story about how back in the day, workers used to get a ration of whiskey after their shift, dubbed “the daily grog.” This story made me realize how alcohol has played an essential role in not only the development of civilizations but also our personal history. Everyone has stories gathered around a table, sharing a drink with friends and family. So, I decided to use these experiences as a lens to view our travels. I’ll be doing deep dives into popular alcohols and the history behind them.

And as a travel blog, I’ll be curating lists of some of the top spots I encounter through my travels, tips, tricks of the trade, and some fodder for your insatiable wanderlust.

What Makes You Different from Every Other Travel Blog?

It’s true, there are a ton of travel blogs out nowadays. Most of them have some really great content as well! And while you’ll definitely see lists like “Top 10 xyz…” throughout my site, I don’t want it to end there. Besides helping you pick out some cool places and enrich your travel experience, I want to build a storytelling community around our travels. I want us to collaborate, to share our experiences, and what inspires us.  If that’s not enough for you, then there’s always my winning personality and undeniable wit 🙂