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I'm Skylar, a writer and photographer from Seattle, WA.

I tell stories about interesting people from around the world - the chefs, the distillers, and all the makers who inhabit this world, making it such an extraordinary place to explore. Sign up for the newsletter and you'll get a weekly selection of essays, interviews, and photography.

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In San Cristóbal, Comal is about the food

One Mexican chef's lifelong journey with food.

Comal restaurant in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.
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In Bogotá, Prudencia makes its own rules

On a peckish, food-driven walk through the La Candelaria neighborhood in Bogotá, I came across two tall, sturdy wooden doors. The type of doors that are asking for a knock. So I did. When the doors of Prudencia opened, the staff greeted us and asked if we had a reservation.

Mario Rosero, chef and owner of Prudencia in Bogotá, Colombia
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In Chile, progress might have to come from chefs

It was the most rain the city had seen in weeks, maybe months. It was unrelenting, but so was my hunger. Braving the downpour, we make our way up and down the network of hills on which the city of Valparaíso, Chile, is built. Just about every street is lined

Bruno and Ignacia, chefs and owners at El Peral
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Re-Defining Grain to Glass in the San Juan Islands

Recently I took a trip up to the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle in the Salish Sea. Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, a journey to the islands has eluded me over the years.

Flat Hat Distillery in San Juan Island, Washington
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An Interview with Snorri Jónsson of 64° Reykjavík Distillery

A conversation with Snorri Jónsson about Iceland, drinking culture, and the environment.

Crowberry Liqueur from Reykjavik Distillery in Iceland
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On Packing Light: The Complete One-Bag Packing List

A one-bag packing list designed for indefinite travel across multiple climates and locations.

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In Pictures: Oaxaca City, Mexico

A photo walk through Oaxaca City, Mexico, during one of the biggest parties of the year - the Guelaguetza.

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In Pictures: Montevideo, Uruguay

Some street photography, failed portraits, and a big glass of wine.

In Pictures: Montevideo, Uruguay
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Postcard #014: Ecuador

On having pride in your country.

A view of Cotopaxi Volcano hiding behind some clouds in Ecuador.
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TDG #024: There's a Better Way to Travel Italy

Hey friends, First thing, Substack released a new referrals feature, so I figured I'd turn it on for now and see what happens. I might tinker with the referral structure, but for now the rewards are set at: * 3 referrals = 1 month free * 5 referrals = 3 months free

A view of Barga, Italy.
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TDG #023 - Your Guide to Buenos Aires

Sometimes a city just steals your heart.

A building at dusk in Buenos Aires