The Ultimate Ultralight Packing List

by Skylar Renslow

The Ultimate Ultralight Packing List
Ultralight Travel Packing List

Ultralight Packing Tips

If you’re not familiar or new to ultralight packing, then this might be a lot to take in. I used to be your average, run of the mill over-packer, and just threw most of my closet into a large duffel bag. And when you’re packing, it’s natural to want to account for every situation you might encounter, “what if I end up going ice climbing, I obviously need to bring my ice pick”… I have never gone ice climbing. Maybe that’s extreme, but you get what I mean.

A couple of years ago I started getting into minimalist packing to make traveling easier on myself. I searched the internet for minimalist packing lists ranging from a weekend trip packing list, to what to pack for a 3 day trip to even a month long trip. All of this helped me create my own universal packing list.

So, let’s start with a few tips to guide our conversation on packing for ultralight travel:





Final Thoughts

Each person is different, so what works for me might not necessarily work for you. It might even take one or two trips to find the right balance with how you travel and what you’re comfortable with. That said, I’ve found the above to be entirely sufficient for me to pack indefinitely (albeit maybe a laundry day every now and then). Hopefully this gives you a place to start and the courage to venture into the ultralight packing lifestyle. After that, there’s no going back, you’re going to be an ultra-minimalist traveler any day now!