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District Brews: The Best Coffee in Washington, D.C.

Skylar Renslow
Skylar Renslow
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The nation’s capital sure does know how to brew a good cup of coffee. Maybe it is mundane government work or maybe it’s the recent hipster emergence in the city that has necessitated a good cup of joe. Either way, between the exploring and boozing, there is plenty of coffee in Washington, D.C.  to fuel up.

Compass Coffee

Started by two Marines who bonded over coffee while they were deployed in Afghanistan. Their original roasting location is in Shaw but has a few locations throughout the District at this point. Though it’s a close call, I think this is probably my favorite coffee in Washington, D.C.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Technically a Northeast regional chain, La Colombe makes some of the best coffee around. Known for their “draft latte”, a frothy latte on tap that is way too easy to drink on a summer day.

The Coffee Bar

Great selection of single-origin roasts and dairy alternatives. Did I mention half-priced pour-overs on Thursdays?


When you walk into Tryst it feels like your grandma’s living room had sex with a hipster bar…if that wasn’t enough of a visual for you then you should probably just check it out.

The Wydown Coffee Bar

Great coffee and exceptional baked goods at The Wydown. No wifi here though, so remote workers be warned.

Peregrine Espresso

Quaint coffee shop/espresso bar that uses a few different roasters from the DMV area. Not much seating here so pop in, grab your coffee and go.


Emissary is taking a page out of European cafes with their ambiance and all-day offerings. It’s a great place to sit and work for hours, eventually making your way from coffee to alcohol.

Pineapples and Pearls

Michelin starred restaurant that also has a coffee bar. Enough said.


An eclectic mix of a clothing store, coffee house, and upscale restaurant. Surprisingly enough Maketto does all three of those are pretty well.

Baked and Wired

One half cupcake shop the other half coffee bar. The coffee bar rotates its tea and coffee selections every so often to give you a pretty good variety of roasts. The cupcakes are exceptional as well (get the carrot cake, just do it).

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