Drink in London: A Night out in Shoreditch

London is a big city if you’re not careful you’ll spend most of your time on the London Underground. I’ve stayed in Shoreditch the two times I’ve gone, so naturally, the places I’ve found to drink in London are mostly in that area. Use this as a post-dinner booze guide. Cheers!


Our waiter at a restaurant nearby, Leroy, suggested this place. With fantastic cocktails in the heart of Shoreditch, this place should be douchey…but somehow it isn’t. Probably my favorite place to drink in London to date.

Callooh Callay

Small, intimate place. Good for a date night. Ask for the “keys to the jub jub room”….not quite sure what that does but it’s supposed to be cool.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Go into the Breakfast Club. Tell the host that you’d “like to see the mayor”. Enjoy.


Live music, bougie-ass cocktails. Get reservations though, it’ll be pretty packed.

Happiness Forgets

Speakeasy vibes here. Similar to Nightjar, probably a good idea to get reservations ahead of time.

City of London Distillery

The sheer amount of gin here should delight the soul. Get a flight of all the gins and then pick your favorite for a gin & tonic.

The Market Porter

Last but not least is a humble bar, The Market Porter. I’m not sure what it is about this place, but I’ve managed to come here every time I’m in London. The proximity to nearby Padella probably doesn’t hurt…

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