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A small city with warm, welcoming people. The two things that Dublin does especially well are coffee and beer. The entire city is walkable, end to end in about 45 minutes or so. While walking through, you’re never far from a great coffee shop or pub. The food scene is definitely under appreciated so don’t look past the smattering of great restaurants. 

City Map

Things To Know

  • Cheers in Irish Gaelic is “slaínte” (slawn-che). Also in Scottish Gaelic as well.
  • It’s not called the riverdance, it’s called “Irish Step”.
  • Guinness really is a way of life and there really are pubs on every corner.
  • The food is fantastic, for carnivores and vegetarians alike.
  • Be sure to try Poitín, the Irish version of moonshine.

Dublin City Guide

Whether it’s boozing your way through the city or eating all Dublin has to offer, our Dublin city guide has you covered. Start planning your …
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