In Pictures: Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is beautiful city perched on the coast. The deep blue of the Adriatic Sea contrasts with the red roof tiles of the Old Town.

Table of Contents

A view of Old Town from the Lovrijenac.
The Lovrijenac from the Old Town. Too many beautiful views when you walk along the castle walls.
One of the many sidewalk and alley cafes. As tourists swarm the city, cafes are forced to be creative with their space.
Walking the castle grounds while the sun sets behind the tower.
Walking along the castle walls. One of my favorite pictures of Dubrovnik, all of its beauty on display.
A picture of Dubrovnik from above. Take the Staza Prema Utvrdi Imperial up the hill behind the city and enjoy the view.
An evening meal to end the trip. If you get a chance, check out Lady Pi Pi, it’s definitely worth the wait…rain or shine.

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