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In Pictures: Montevideo, Uruguay

Some street photography, failed portraits, and a big glass of wine.

Skylar Renslow
Skylar Renslow
3 min read
In Pictures: Montevideo, Uruguay

Hello friends,

I don’t know about you, but I find myself spending less and less time on social media these days - aside from Threads and Substack Notes, I’m giving those a solid college try. Other than that everything feels kind of…meh? But that leaves a vacuum for some work I used to share there, namely photography.

It was a slog trying to keep up with all the photos and videos I took on the road - there are thousands. But being slightly more stationary the last two weeks, I’ve started chipping away at some editing and organizing. Let me tell you, looking back through all the photos has been a fascinating exercise. It really feels like the quantity and quality of the pictures/videos in each spot tell a story of our mental state during that segment of the trip; many photos and videos = we’re doing good and feeling fresh, while only a handful of photos/videos = we needed a break and just wanted to exist in the space.

Anyway, this week, I took a look back at Montevideo, Uruguay.

If you find yourself in Montevideo, one of your first stops should be having lunch at the Mercado del Puerto.

This is what I call a “Uruguayan pour” - being handed a glass this full is a common occurrence. But now I’ve been ruined; anything less is just disappointing.

Photo credit to Steph on this one. Also, not too shabby low-light with an iPhone 13 Pro.

Failed Portraits

Throughout South and Central America, I’d practice asking, “Puedo tomar su fotografía?” If I saw a cool portrait opportunity, I’d be ready to ask (if needed). But almost every damn time I asked, people felt the need to strike a pose. So there I am, awkwardly holding the camera while someone makes a peace sign. NOT THE PICTURE I WANTED DUDE. I still take the picture, of course - what else am I supposed to do??

Anyway, here are some characters from Montevideo.

I hope you enjoyed the little photo walk through Montevideo, Uruguay. Do you like the photo-centric newsletters? Let me know what you think!



Skylar Renslow

I mostly walk around, take pictures, and write things.


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