Lisbon City Guide

I could talk about the beautiful sunsets. Or maybe the terracotta roofs. Or, perhaps, I could talk about the incredible azulejos throughout the city. But no, I’m going to talk about the sidewalks. Don’t get me wrong, all of the other aspects of Lisbon are great, but every time I reminisce about my trip to Lisbon, I can’t help but think about the sidewalks.

City Map

Things To Know

  • Cheers in Portuguese is “Saúde.”
  • You will try the legendary pastéis de nata, and subsequently have 10 more.
  • Those beautiful blue tiles scattered throughout the city are called “azulejos.”
  • Lisbon was the first city to import Guinness from Dublin.
  • There’s a ton of street art to view in Lisbon; checkout the Barrio Alto, Belém, and Chiado neighborhoods for some of the best.

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