Postcard #3: A weekend in Mendoza

After being in Buenos Aires for three weeks, we were missing the mountains a bit. So, this past weekend we took a trip to Mendoza to explore the Argentinian mountains and wine country.

On our last day, we were driving through the mountains en route to one last bodega (winery) before heading back to Buenos Aires the next morning.

But while we were driving, we saw this lake and had to pull over and take a look. The sun was setting and the bodegas were closing, so we had to make a decision that nobody wants to make – wine or a mountain sunset?

The sunset won, it was too beautiful to pass up.

Since it was a sunset worthy of a drink, a small compromise was made – I found a nearby store to pick up some beer. But as fate would have it, we can across a mountainside bodega! We picked up a bottle of wine and went back to watch the sunset.

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