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After two weeks in Valparaiso, it was time for a road trip up north. First stop, the Elqui Valley.

About 6 hours north of Santiago is the Elqui Valley and a town called Vicuña. When doing a bit of research about Chile, most of the information is typically about Patagonia. But after a bit of digging, I learned that most of the Chilean pisco was made in a place called the Elqui Valley. Even better, the Elqui valley is one of the premier astronomical and star gazing centers in the world.

So pisco and stars en route to the Atacama desert…I was sold.

To save a little cash, we were staying in the Antawara Hostel in Vicuña. It was Steph’s first time in a shared dorm, so it was bound to be an exciting couple of days. The hostel was lovely – it had a large common area, free breakfast, and a swimming pool. In fact, if it were Summer and a touch warmer, it would feel like more of a resort than a hostel.

Vicuña is a relatively small town, primarily used as a jumping-off point for exploring the surrounding Elqui Valley. Most of our time was spent day tripping through the valley, sipping on pisco, tasting wine, and marveling at the dramatic scenery.

It felt like the Elqui Valley had yet to be fully discovered by tourists. Sure, there were tourists, but primarily Chilean, it seemed. But with pisco, wine, stars, and outdoor adventures, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Elqui Valley would soon become an international tourist destination.

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