Prague City Guide

Beautiful, old world charm packed into a modern and vibrant city. When you step out of the train station in Prague, you immediately realize that all the stereotypes are rightly justified. The city is impeccably beautiful but still manages to usher in a new age of travel and dining. Though traditional Czech cuisine is hearty and meat heavy, Prague boasts a robust vegetarian/vegan scene. The price point is also hard to beat, with most meals coming in easily under $10. The best advice is to walk around, explore, get lost in this magical place.

City Map

Things To Know

  • Cheers in Czech is “Na zdravi.”
  • Prague was the first post-communist country to have a Michelin-star restaurant.
  • There is a Sex Machine Museum in city center.
  • Prague is home to a giant metronome that used to be a statue of Stalin.
  • Czech Beer Spas are a thing.

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