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TDG #013: Blood Feuds and Mountains

Friends – While we were in Albania, one of the stops was down south in a town called Gjirokastër. It's a beautifully well-preserved town with a rich history and culture unique to the area. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to do some off-roading. I contacted

A view from the hidden valley of Zagoria, Albania.
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TDG #012: The Albanian Kafe

The room is cast in a blue-gray hazy from the cigarette smoke. A couple of old couches and a few cheap tables are scattered throughout. A handful of people are gathered around the small cast iron wood-burning stove in the middle of the room. Behind the small bar, a lady

The outside of an Albanian kafe in Tirana
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Postcard #012: The Dog Days of Travel

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TDG #011: A Photo Walk through Albania

Hey folks, This past week I have grown one year older but have noticed more than one grey hair starting to appear over the past year - I don't like that ratio. So as I face my own mortality, I figured I'd take you all on

Sunsets in Berat, Albania
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TDG #010: The Chaos of an Albanian Bus Ride

To know the Albanian bus system is to know Albania.

A quick bathroom, cigarette, and coffee break at a cafe next to an abandoned gas station.