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TDG #018: The Guatemalan Hangover Cure

One of the best damn hangover cures around.

A picosita from Hugo's in Antigua
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TDG #012: The Albanian Kafe

The room is cast in a blue-gray hazy from the cigarette smoke. A couple of old couches and a few cheap tables are scattered throughout. A handful of people are gathered around the small cast iron wood-burning stove in the middle of the room. Behind the small bar, a lady

The outside of an Albanian kafe in Tirana
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Re-Defining Grain to Glass in the San Juan Islands

Recently I took a trip up to the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle in the Salish Sea. Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, a journey to the islands has eluded me over the years.

Flat Hat Distillery in San Juan Island, Washington
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The History of the Spritz Veneziano (Aperol Spritz)

I'll be honest, before going to Italy, I assumed the Aperol Spritz was an Italian-ish drink recently co-opted by the hipsters of Williamsburg, NY, and primarily reserved for tourists trying to fulfill their Eat, Pray, Love dreams. I was happily proven wrong. During the 1800s, the Hasburg empire

Aperol Spritz veneziano
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How to Order a Martini like a Professional

The martini is a formidable cocktail. It holds a gravitas backed by decades of history and pop culture. A drink seemingly reserved for black tie affairs or Don Draper. A drink where the clarity implies the elegant strength; no accouterment standing between you and the alcohol. But perhaps the most

how to order a martini
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The bacaro, a local Venetian watering hole

After walking around Venice for a few hours, you’ll start to notice a couple of things. First, you’ll realize you’re entirely lost and unsure what narrow, dimly lit corridor led you to this point. And second, each canal is adorned with small, peculiar-looking establishments, the bacaro. Bacari

Venetian bacaro la sete
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Craft Beer Predictions for 2022

The desires of the beverage-consuming population seem to wax and wane with each year. The Aperol Spritz, then the espresso martini; every year has a signature drink. As the beer world is subject to the same consumer whims, these are my predictions for beer trends in 2022. The rise of

beer trends 2022
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Raicilla: This agave spirit is Mexico’s best-kept secret

You definitely know tequila; college kids have been getting hammered on tequila since the beginning of time. Or maybe you’re a big fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and have seen his Teremana Tequila. And you probably know mezcal, the often smoky cousin of tequila all your hipster friends

raicilla agave
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WTF is a “fresh hop” beer?

Some may use pumpkin spice everything as the harbinger of Fall. Me? Well, for me, Fall is ushered in by the fresh hop beer. But don’t get me wrong, I still fuck with pumpkin spice. A few years back, I was back in Portland for my friend’s wedding.

fresh hop one the bine
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An Interview with Snorri Jónsson of 64° Reykjavík Distillery

A conversation with Snorri Jónsson about Iceland, drinking culture, and the environment.

Crowberry Liqueur from Reykjavik Distillery in Iceland