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TDG #024: There's a Better Way to Travel Italy

Hey friends, First thing, Substack released a new referrals feature, so I figured I'd turn it on for now and see what happens. I might tinker with the referral structure, but for now the rewards are set at: * 3 referrals = 1 month free * 5 referrals = 3 months free

A view of Barga, Italy.
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Why Piedmont is the Most Underrated Region in Italy

When someone talks about Italy, where do you think of first? Likely the bustling and historic Rome, the mystical canals of Venice, or perhaps the idyllic and colorful Amalfi Coast. I’d bet that the Piedmont region is pretty low on that mental ranking. Tucked up in the northwest of

Piedmont Region, Italy
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Where to Eat the Best Cicchetti in Venice, Italy

I didn't truly know what to expect before visiting Venice for the first time. It always held a mythical place in my heart - the canals, the architecture, the romance, the history. The existence of such a city seemed impossible. But Venice is an actual living, breathing city.

cicchetti at vino vero
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The History of the Spritz Veneziano (Aperol Spritz)

I'll be honest, before going to Italy, I assumed the Aperol Spritz was an Italian-ish drink recently co-opted by the hipsters of Williamsburg, NY, and primarily reserved for tourists trying to fulfill their Eat, Pray, Love dreams. I was happily proven wrong. During the 1800s, the Hasburg empire

Aperol Spritz veneziano
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The bacaro, a local Venetian watering hole

After walking around Venice for a few hours, you’ll start to notice a couple of things. First, you’ll realize you’re entirely lost and unsure what narrow, dimly lit corridor led you to this point. And second, each canal is adorned with small, peculiar-looking establishments, the bacaro. Bacari

Venetian bacaro la sete
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What is Amaro? Demystifying the Italian Herbal Liqueur

You walk into that new, hipster-looking bar that just opened up in your neighborhood. The bartenders are carefully grinding fresh nutmeg over their cocktails, looking dapper as hell in their waxed canvas aprons. Behind them, an impressive wall of backlit bottles. Some look familiar, others more exotic. If you look