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A free weekly newsletter that talks travel, gear, booze, photography, or whatever is on my mind at the moment. New editions come out on Sunday mornings.

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TDG #018: The Guatemalan Hangover Cure

One of the best damn hangover cures around.

A picosita from Hugo's in Antigua
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TDG #017: Death by Francesinha

The best thing to do in Porto is to walk. Though I think the best thing to do in most cities is to walk. But Porto is one of those cities exceptionally well equipped for bipedal meandering. And I do mean just walk. Walk aimlessly, without intention, sans agenda, absent

The reflection of a church in Porto
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TDG #016: A Photo Walk through San Cristóbal de las Casas

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Grog newsletter. We're taking a photo walk through San Cristóbal de las Casas this week. Typically I'd start with a few establishing pictures of the city and attempt to weave a narrative through the imagery. But this time around, I think two images

A view of San Cristóbal de las Casas
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TDG #015: A conversation with Prudencia in Bogotá

Hey folks, This is Skylar and The Daily Grog newsletter. Last week I was out sick again. But this week, I have something special for you. During my trip to Colombia last summer, I got to talk to Mario and Meghan, chefs and owners of Prudencia restaurant in Bogotá. Prudencia

Mario Rosero in the Prudencia kitchen
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TDG #014: Catching Up

Hey friends, This is Skylar, the same person screaming at you over the interwebs about Albania for the last four weeks now. But alas, this week is not about Albania. Instead, let's catch up a bit. After a month in Albania, Steph and I headed to Mexico in search of

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TDG #013: Blood Feuds and Mountains

Friends – While we were in Albania, one of the stops was down south in a town called Gjirokastër. It's a beautifully well-preserved town with a rich history and culture unique to the area. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to do some off-roading. I contacted a company

A view from the hidden valley of Zagoria, Albania.
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TDG #012: The Albanian Kafe

The room is cast in a blue-gray hazy from the cigarette smoke. A couple of old couches and a few cheap tables are scattered throughout. A handful of people are gathered around the small cast iron wood-burning stove in the middle of the room. Behind the small bar, a lady

The outside of an Albanian kafe in Tirana
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TDG #011: A Photo Walk through Albania

Hey folks, This past week I have grown one year older but have noticed more than one grey hair starting to appear over the past year - I don't like that ratio. So as I face my own mortality, I figured I'd take you all on a walk through Albania

Sunsets in Berat, Albania
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TDG #010: The Chaos of an Albanian Bus Ride

To know the Albanian bus system is to know Albania.

A quick bathroom, cigarette, and coffee break at a cafe next to an abandoned gas station.
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TDG #009: Exploring the Schist Villages of Portugal

What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Most might think of the beautiful beaches and rock formations of southern Portugal and the Algarve coast. For some, it might be sipping on wine and port in the Duoro Valley. I'd hazard a guess that most haven't heard of the

A view from Talasnal, one of the Schist Villages in the Serra da Lousã