The Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle

The Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle

From Saturday afternoons spent exploring new neighborhoods to weekend trips exploring neighboring towns, we plan to share what we find with you all. Starting with the neighborhood we call home and, by some metric, one of the cool areas in Seattle: Capitol Hill.

Steph and I decided on Capitol Hill since it was the “cool neighborhood.” Now I don’t know how true that really is, but it does feel lively. So if you’re looking for good food and some good drinks, it’s a great place to start.

Pre-shutdown we did a little exploring of the neighborhood we called home, but soon our experiences of Seattle became dominated by takeout boxes and walks through beautiful old neighborhoods. Now things are reopening, the sense that the pandemic – at least for a city with over a 70% vaccination rate – is ending feels apparent.

Though our time in Seattle has been shaped by a pandemic, we’ve still managed to curate a list of our favorite and arguably best restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

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Kedai Makan

What’s Malaysian food, you may ask? Don’t ask. Just go. There will be a wait, and it will be worth it. No question, one of the best restaurants in Capitol Hill.


The best nachos I’ve ever had in my life. Get the vegan ones (I can’t really speak to the normal ones) and enjoy. They’re creamy and crispy, and if you add the spicy beans, you’ll be in heaven. I get that people get weirded out about the vEgAn nAcHos, but don’t. My meat-loving friends love them too.


Probably one of the best restaurants in Capitol Hill and all of Seattle. Classic Pacific Northwest. But actually, worth the price. I don’t know if you have this issue, but seafood is so freaking expensive. And it’s rarely what I want. Lark is an exception.

Taco Chukis

Take an edible or smoke a bowl (it’s legal in WA), order a baby burrito (or three), and enjoy.


The best sushi you’ll have in Capitol Hill, and maybe all of Seattle. They have a cozy bar area that’s nice for a date spot. It’s a little pricey, so be prepared to drop $8 on a Salmon Avocado roll.


This is probably the biggest disagreement Skylar and I have. I love Dino’s pizza. It’s Sicilian style, so doughy and amazing cheese. Don’t get me wrong, Skylar enjoys Dino’s, but he prefers Blotto, a pizza spot that has a thin crust. So which side are you on, deep dish or thin crust?

Also, side note, their website is AWESOME. A complete throwback to the maximalist style of the early 2000s and I love every second of it.

Menya Musashi Tsukemen & Ramen

So far, the best ramen that I’ve had in Seattle. Many people prefer to opt for Ramen Danbo, which is good, but to me, Menya’s noodles hit the mark. A few different types of broth, I typically go for the Hybrid.

Tamri Bar

Fantastic Japanese street food. It’s open pretty late too, which is strangely a hot commodity in Seattle. The menu rotates but also has some mainstays on it. Try the Maze Men or the Dan Dan Ramen for delicious noodles.


Another great date night spot and super tasty Italian food. It’s a little tough to get a reservation, and walk-in spots are rare. But it’s definitely worth the wait. Their sister restaurant next door, Artusi, is also a good option.