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The Morning Tipple

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If you've followed me for a bit, you might know that I have an annual tradition where I spend Thanksgiving abroad. It started back when I used to live on the east coast of the United States and found flying back home to Portland, OR, was too much of a pain in the ass around the holiday. Instead, one year I booked a trip abroad and have been doing it ever since (except 2020, damn you virus).

The locations vary each Thanksgiving, but typically, I lean pretty heavily into the cold, damp climates because a) I enjoy pain and b) I get the place to myself.

While trying to decide where I'd be heading this Thanksgiving, I came across this article from the BBC saying that two pubs are disappearing in England and Wales per day. TWO PUBS PER DAY. Tragic. This prompted many, many questions.

The article mentioned an organization called Campaign for Pubs. So I got on the phone with Greg Mulholland, their Campaign Director and former Member of Parliament for the city of Leeds. We talked for a bit, and he explained the community importance of pubs and some of the issues they’re having at the moment. He also offered to put me in touch with a few publicans (pub owners) to chat.

So, all of this to say, this year, Thanksgiving will be spent in the U.K. exploring and investigating the most British of institutions - the pub. This is where The Morning Tipple comes into play.

TMT will chronicle my pub and cask-ale-fueled trip through England and Wales. We'll talk to publicans and breweries, drink cask-ale, stay at pubs that are also inns, hike rugged Snowdonia, and walk the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

The newsletter will operate a little differently than usual. The Morning Tipple will be a daily email from November 16th to December 3rd. Each day, you should expect at least one picture, about 500-1000 words about the pub I visited that day, and some talk about the past, future, and current state of the pub. That's right, one pub a day for 16 straight days. Wish me luck.

This is an experiment, so there might be some kinks to work out along the way. If you have any issues or think you signed up and haven’t received any emails, please reply here and we’ll sort it out.