Visiting Copenhagen: What to See and Do

When visiting Copenhagen, you’ll have your hands full with coffee and great food. Try to get some culture in with our list of sights to see.

Copenhagen Distillery

One of, if not the only, distillery in Copenhagen proper. The team here is doing some awesome work. If you haven’t tried aquavit before, try it here.

Freetown Christiana

Yes, this is the anarchist district in Copenhagen. Though much more traveled now, it’s still a pretty cool area to explore. Be careful if you’re going there to try and buy weed, there’s a good chance you’ll get ripped off.

Byens Lys

An old converted movie theater in the middle of Freetown Christiana. They have a project called “Science & Cocktails” which is a TED-style feature where they serve cocktails and have a guest lecturer. This is only on the second Tuesday of every month (and some random ones too), but definitely check out their calendar here.

Designmuseum Denmark

A cool museum if you are a fan of design….or anyone really. Also free if you are under the age of 26, so that’s cool.

Beautiful art gallery in the trendy Vesterbro neighborhood. Rotating collections/exhibits, so check out their calendar here.

Frederiksberg Gardens

Beautiful gardens just east of Vesterbro. Grab some coffee and go wander around.

Tivoli Gardens

No list is complete without the famed Tivoli Gardens. The theme park is in the middle of the city and provides great fun year-round. Grab some æbelskivers while you’re there.


Do you know that picture of the painted houses in Copenhagen? Yeah, this is it. So go, take your picture, you know you want to.

The Round Tower

Awesome, 17th-century tower with great views of the city and rotating art exhibits. Check the schedule here.

Bonus: The Little Mermaid Statue

Only if you really have to for whatever reason. Honestly, you’ll be disappointed unless you’re an avid Disney fan? Or an avid Hans Christian Andersen fan? Just be warned.

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