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At any given time, there might be one or many newsletters happening.

If you sign up for any of the newsletters, you'll also be signed up for The Grog.

The Grog/TDG

This is my main weekly newsletter about travel, interviews, gear, roundups, etc. Any news about myself and/or The Daily Grog will be primarily sent through this newsletter. At this time, The Grog is sent and managed through Substack (for now).

Members-only Newsletters

Members of The Cellar will have their own separate monthly newsletter and access to all the archives.

  • Postcards: A behind-the-scenes look at my travels, thoughts, and frustrations during my 58-week trip around the world.

Other Newsletters

Occasionally, I'll launch a time-boxed, thematic newsletter (aka pop-up newsletter) that runs independently of The Grog. Once they're over, all the posts will be archived and only available to paying members.

The Morning Tipple