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TDG #017: Death by Francesinha

The best thing to do in Porto is to walk. Though I think the best thing to do in most cities is to walk. But Porto is one of those cities exceptionally well equipped for bipedal meandering. And I do mean just walk. Walk aimlessly, without intention, sans agenda, absent

The reflection of a church in Porto
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City Guide: Porto [Updated: 2023]

A field guide on where to eat and drink around Porto, Portugal.

A view of the Luís I Bridge and the waterfront in Porto
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TDG #009: Exploring the Schist Villages of Portugal

What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Most might think of the beautiful beaches and rock formations of southern Portugal and the Algarve coast. For some, it might be sipping on wine and port in the Duoro Valley. I'd hazard a guess that most haven'

A view from Talasnal, one of the Schist Villages in the Serra da Lousã
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What to do in Ponta Delgada, the largest city in the Azores

If I haven’t ranted about them enough, the Azores might be one of the most magical places on the earth. These islands aren’t the most accessible places to get to, but far and away worth the effort. Lush landscapes, foreboding volcanoes, fantastic food, the Azores quite literally have

ponta delgada
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City Guide: Lisbon [Updated: 2023]

A field guide on where to eat and drink around Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon City Guide
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Visiting the Azores? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know

1. There Are Nine Islands Though all connected, there are three main clusters of islands. The western group is home to Flores and Covo. In the center, you have Terceira, Graciosa, Faial, São Jorge, and Pico. To the east, you have Santa Maria and São Miguel. The largest of the

visiting the Azores
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Spending 72 Hours in Porto, Portugal

Day 1 After a quick train ride from the airport to the city center, I get to my abode for the next three days, the House of Sandeman Hostels. Honestly, the only reason I decided to stay here was that their beds weren’t bunks, and they were shaped like

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Ginjinha: The History of this Delightful Portuguese Liqueur

Whenever I check out a new city, I’m always on the hunt for booze that is rooted in history. We know Portugal has fantastic wine, and you’ve likely heard of Port, but what about ginjinha? Me neither, so on my last trip to Lisbon, of course, I had

Ginjinha in Lisbon
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72 Hours in Lisbon

I could talk about the beautiful sunsets. Or maybe the terracotta roofs. Or, perhaps, I could talk about the incredible azulejos throughout the city. But no, I’m going to talk about the sidewalks. Don’t get me wrong, all of the other aspects of Lisbon are great, but every

Sunset in Lisbon
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Visiting the Azores: Three Days in Paradise

As I made my way up the trail, the weather shifted. Dense fog descended; I could barely see five feet in front of me. As the fog rolled in, seemingly, so did the silence. It was eerily quiet, save for the singing bird or the soft rustle of leaves in

One of the many miradouros on São Miguel