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Re-Defining Grain to Glass in the San Juan Islands

Recently I took a trip up to the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle in the Salish Sea. Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, a journey to the islands has eluded me over the years.

Flat Hat Distillery in San Juan Island, Washington
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The Best Breweries in Seattle, According to a Local

Something about cool, grey, misty climates makes people crave beer. Or maybe it’s that the nearby Yakima Valley produces 73% of the United States’ hops. Yeah, that’s probably it. There are a ton of breweries all around Washington State, hell the entire Pacific Northwest for that matter. And

best breweries in Seattle
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The Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle

From Saturday afternoons spent exploring new neighborhoods to weekend trips exploring neighboring towns, we plan to share what we find with you all. Starting with the neighborhood we call home and, by some metric, one of the cool areas in Seattle: Capitol Hill. Steph and I decided on Capitol Hill

best restaurants in Capitol Hill, Seattle
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The Best Bars in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood

A light mist falls around me as I walk to the bar. Outsiders might point to the gray skies and say, “See, it’s always raining here.” But not me. No, I know a little better now. The mist is lazy, barely making a mark on my coat. This isn’

best bars in Capitol Hill