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Why Piedmont is the Most Underrated Region in Italy

When someone talks about Italy, where do you think of first? Likely the bustling and historic Rome, the mystical canals of Venice, or perhaps the idyllic and colorful Amalfi Coast. I’d bet that the Piedmont region is pretty low on that mental ranking. Tucked up in the northwest of

Piedmont Region, Italy
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Where to Eat the Best Cicchetti in Venice, Italy

I didn’t know what to expect before visiting Venice for the first time. It always held a mythical place in my heart. For me, Venice was a place that existed in history books, alongside stories of prominent renaissance figures. A place that felt more like legend than reality. The

cicchetti at vino vero
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The History of the Spritz Veneziano (Aperol Spritz)

Venice isn’t a large city, but it is a walkable one. After meandering through the cobblestone alleys and crossing canals, it’s natural that one becomes a bit peckish. And, of course, thirsty. Fortunately, Venice has a fantastic culture of bacaros. In these local watering holes, you’ll find

Aperol Spritz veneziano
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The bacaro, a local Venetian watering hole

After walking around Venice for a few hours, you’ll start to notice a couple of things. First, you’ll realize you’re entirely lost, and unsure what narrow, dimly lit corridor led you to this point. And second, each canal is adorned with small, peculiar-looking establishments; the bacaro. Bacari

Venetian bacaro la sete
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Finding meaning and magic in the Westfjords of Iceland

As a carousel of cast iron skillets passes in front of me, you can hear the crackling fish skin and smell the buttery, briny aroma filling the air of the old converted stable. At a small tavern in the remote Westfjords of Iceland, I knew I was in my happy

iceland itinerary, diamond beach
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Iceland Itinerary and Trip Recap: May 2021

Right as I got my first round of vaccinations, I started planning my first trip in over a year. Iceland had just opened back up to vaccinated visitors and since I had never been, it seemed like a no-brainer. So with 28 days to go, I started planning. Before COVID-19,

iceland itinerary happy campers
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An Interview with Snorri Jónsson of 64° Reykjavík Distillery

A conversation with Snorri Jónsson about Iceland, drinking culture, and the environment.

Crowberry Liqueur from Reykjavik Distillery in Iceland
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What exactly is brennivín? This Icelandic spirit is full of history

The waitress comes up to the table, looks at my friends and me, and said, “you need a shot.” Without really giving us an option, she asks if we want to see the bottle before or after. I know myself; if I know what I’m about to drink, I’

brennivin, Iceland
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These are the best cities in Switzerland to visit

The first time I visited Switzerland, I was shocked. No way somewhere this beautiful could somewhere exist. And I’m from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, similarly known for lush mountain-filled landscapes. Even still, the magnificence of this country still blew me away. If this gorgeous, pristine alpine

These are the best cities in Switzerland to visit
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What to do in Ponta Delgada, the largest city in the Azores

If I haven’t ranted about them enough, the Azores might be one of the most magical places on the earth. These islands aren’t the most accessible places to get to, but far and away worth the effort. Lush landscapes, foreboding volcanoes, fantastic food, the Azores quite literally have

ponta delgada